Accessing the BIOS

Accessing the BIOS

In this quick guide, let’s see how to access the BIOS of any system.

What is the BIOS?

Basically, the BIOS is the place where you can configure how the hardware works (like speed of the FAN), and how you computer boots (such as booting an external USB disk instead of the internal disk).

It is pretty common to access the BIOS (or better, the boot menu, which is related to the BIOS) when you can to install a new OS, or reinstall your system.

Let’s see how to do it

Accessing the BIOS

Unfortunately, accessing the BIOS depends on your motherboard manufacturer. This is why there is universal method do do so. However, manufacturers tend to standardize this.

While you computer is starting (and before the Windows loading screen), you need to "mash" a keyboard key.

Depending on your computer, the key to be pressed can be:


For the most common ones.

If you only need to access the BIOS in order to boot of an USB disk (for example), give a try to the "boot menu" by mashing one of the following keys:


I hope this quick guide helped you, and if you know other tricks, to access the BIOS, please share them in the comments.

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