Automatic subtitles download Kodi 17

Kodi is a “do it all” media center, and that’s why we love it so much. Automatic subtitles download Kodi 17 is one of those great features. Making it a more “Netflix like” experience.

Same same, but different

We already talk about this for previous version, but it changed a little with the latest Kodi version. This is due to the fact that Kodi 17 has brought a new skin. Don’t fear and follow the guide, this is going to be a easy job.

Turn on automatic subtitles download Kodi 17

Go to the settings page, by pressing the little gear icon at top left hand corner of the screen:

/images/2017/07/kodi_17_Settings.pngThen go to “Player settings”:

/images/2017/07/kodi_17_Full_Settings.pngMake sure to enable expert mode (bottom left hand corner) :

/images/2017/07/kodi_17_expert_settings.pngNow, scroll to language settings, and turn on “Auto download first subtitle” at the bottom of the page :

/images/2017/07/kodi_17_Sub_auto_download.pngMake sure to select default language, and providers according to your needs. And voilà! you are good to go.

Stay tuned

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