Back to the sources : Kodi on Xbox One

Almost 15 years ago, XBMC was created. Like today, it was a media center allowing you to watch your media, listen to your music and even playing old school games and Xbox games. All of this on place, and all of this on one specific hardware : the first generation Microsoft Xbox.

A new era

Then the Xbox 360 has been released but Kodi was never part of it. In 2013, the latest and curren gen Xbox, the One was released.

However, it is just now, very close to 2018, that the very first version of Kodi has been released on the Xbox One.

Still in early stages

While being a working version, it is still pretty basic and lacks many features compared to other versions. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a well known interface (the same interface is shared between all platforms), and basic music / video playing functionalities with network share (NFS only, as of yet). Which is actually everything I am using on a daily basis !

Get it now

What was then an unofficial hack, has become a very official app, and you can grab it from the Windows Store under the name Kodi 18 alpha (the name will change overtime as developpement progresses).

I hope you enjoy it, and wish you happy holidays watching movies from your couch.