Best subtitles services for Kodi

Best subtitles services for Kodi

Remember when I told about automatic subtitles downloading? It’s really cool, and it’s even cooler when you can enjoy the best subtitles services for Kodi with it.

Best subtitles services for Kodi


This is really a great place to get subtitles, they have many and they have them really fast! A little tips, just for you. This add-on require credentials to use. If you don’t feel like creating an account, just enter “asd” as login and password (without the quotes).


Another great place for subtitles, no login required. I always use this one when Podnapisi can’t find subs.

Addic7ed subtitles

OpenSubtitles (unofficial version)

This is one is really good too. It is my last fail safe solution. Moreover, be sure to use the unofficial version since it’ll allow you to do a manual search, which is really useful if your media is not correctly tagged. Saved me several times with no hassle.


Follow our guide in order to install the new OpenSubtitles add-on.

Oh my G!! How do do I use them?!

Don’t you worry, using them is easy as pie. As usual, they all come bundled in the super very good SuperRepo or from the official Kodi repo. Just install SuperRepo and browse to All Repo > Subtitles and install the three aforementioned add-ons.

Indeed, it is always a good idea to have 2 or 3 different add-ons, because sometimes subtitles can only be found in one of them

Manual subtitles in case of atomic war

Last but not least, in case nothing works, and you are really desperate for subtitles, there is a website I have been using at some point that will allow you to find subtitles, but unfortunately it can’t be integrated in Kodi. Go to the SubtitleSeeker, find your sub, and extract the subtitle file next to your video file. If necessary rename the  subtitle so that it matches the video filename.