Maybe you bought a new computer and reinstall it from scratch, or maybe you plan to sell your current computer, or maybe you just want to install Windows 10 as a new OS. In Any case, creating a bootable Windows USB stick will allow you to do so. It could be harder This might sound […]

You have some hardware dedicated to Kodi and wish to create a “clean” media center solution hooked to your TV? Great idea! Find out how to automatically run Kodi at boot on any platform. Automatically run Kodi at boot with Windows This method is similar to the Steam Shell mode.. but with Kodi. First of […]

Remember a few days ago when we decided to synchronize our watched media between Kodi and Trakt? Well, today, we’ll do the same with Plex Media Center! Synchronize Plex and Basically, all you need to do is: download the latest version of the plugin, from here. Place it in the Plex Plug-ins directory Restart […] is website dedicated to movies and TV Shows. It allows you to manage all your media needs: keeping track of what you have already watched and what you to plan to watch. Thanks to this guide, we will see how you can automatically synchronize everything you watch with Kodi Trakt plugin. Install Kodi Trakt […]

Freenas is a great software, allowing you to turn a PC into a NAS. Is it totally free and open source, which we really like. Freenas overview Like any “market” NAS, Freenas allows you to install third party software such as bitorrent client, or newsgroups client. One of my favorite tools for downloading media (once […]

Tunein allows you to listen to both regular and web radio from Internet: be it live, and from old automatically recorded podcasts. Orginally it is a website, but let’s se how to use Tunein radio with Kodi! Installing Tunein Radio for Kodi Download the latest zip file from here. Launch Kodi Browse to Add-on > […]

We, at Streaming Generation, love Kodi and talk a lot about it. However, there are good Kodi alternatives out there. Let us guide you through three of our favourites options. Plex Plex works differently than Kodi. It is composed of two parts. One server and one client. Basically, it means you’ll install the Plex Server […]

Recently, I noticed a weird behaviour where Kodi no longer asks me to resume playing. Let me show you how to force that feature so that it works again. Get your hands dirty Unfortunately you will have to go inside the advancedsettings.xml file. Locate the file in question and open it with a regular text […]

Kodi is a “do it all” media center, and that’s why we love it so much. Automatic subtitles download Kodi 17 is one of those great features. Making it a more “Netflix like” experience. Same same, but different We already talk about this for previous version, but it changed a little with the latest Kodi […]

You might want to use a VPN, be it for privacy issue, or because you want to “change” your location, while travelling, or even because you live abroad and want to access local media from your birth place… There is many reasons to use a VPN but you shouldn’t use any VPN, you should use […]