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a new start

It’s been a while I’ve seriously worked on this website… New job, very busy “real” life, etc. I miss this project, and I feel I have the time to commit again. This is why I am now relaunching this website : officially! I also decided to change the name in order to reflect more what […]

Months ago, I talked about Kodi dev wanting to go after people like us, like me. People talking about Kodi third party addons, people selling Kodi boxes for piracy purposes. A pill a bit hard to swallow As I said last time, I never sold any pirated content, nor any Kodi box. I don’t plan […]

Today, I feel like ranting. Please bear in mind that everything I am saying might be totally wrong. It looks that the Official Kodi community is about to go on a war against Kodi third party add-ons. Then once again, if I am wrong about this, then all that follows will be complete bulsh*t. Edit […]

Today’s big news, a great musician died… RIP David Bowie. Half a century of music Bowie released its first single in 1964, “Liza Jane” and became famous with Space Oddity in ’69. From there he kept releasing famous albums and songs. Heroes in 1978 : The energising “Ziggy Stardust”, “Station to Station” reminding Kraftwerk, “Lodger” […]