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A few days ago, I wrote a new guide in order to show you a new, easier and more reliable method to install Kodi on any Chromebook using crouton. Now, if you are lucky, your Chromebook might be elligible to install the Android Play Store… Let’s see if that’s is the case and if it […]

Thanks to Zach, we now have a great way to install Kodi on our Chromebook. Switch your Chromebook to developper’s mode In order to install Kodi on Chrome OS, we’ll need to install a proper Linux system. Don’t worry, this is done easily thanks to the crouton script. NB : be aware that turning developer’s […]

Android promised several months ago to add Android support to ChromeOS devices. However, this is taking ages… For now, if you want to use Kodi on ChromeOS, your only solution is to use Crouton in order to install the latest Kodi on ChromeOS. NB : you can find on older version of this tutorial in […]

A few days ago I bought an Asus C200 for a novice in computers relative of mine. Before giving it to him, I thought it was time to play with it since I never tried this kind of equipment. I really liked it, and that’s why I decided to share my story to install Kodi […]