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GLPI is an asset management software. It can handle automatic inventory of your assets (workstations, servers, printers, etc.) ticketing, and much more. Let’s see how to install it under Ubuntu with MariaDB and NGinX. Prepare your system Simply install the requirements : sudo apt install nginx php7.0-fpm mariadb-server php7.0-curl php7.0-gd php7.0-mysql php7.0-cli php7.0-imap php7.0-ldap php7.0-apcu […]

Following a post on Reddit, I decided to share my config used to run the Unifi controller. Doing so, you won’t have to purchase a Unifi Cloud Controller. Spoiler alert… I no longer use Unifi hardware, and I’ll share why in a future post. System Overview I have 2 servers : local server at home, […]

Netatmo are little, funny, useless devices that monitor “stuff” in your home. Netatmo weather On the weather side, you can buy an indoor / outdoor station : The indoor station is connected to your WiFi connection for the “data” part and to a power line for… power! The outdoor station, runs on batteries and is […]

After years of not-so-good services, I deciced to replace my old Canon MG5550 printer/scanner combo. Instead, I bought a simple black and white laser printer/scanner, and I have never been so happy with a “printer”. More info about the printer Recently, I needed to go through quite some paperwork and I knew it would be […]

Do you hate touchscreen? I sure do! More than touchscreen, I hate when I have to write something using a touch screen. This is why, I have been trying and using different solutions that allows me to send text messages from my computer with a real (mechanical) keyboard! Foreword Please note that this guide is […]

Freenas is a great software, allowing you to turn a PC into a NAS. Is it totally free and open source, which we really like. Freenas overview Like any “market” NAS, Freenas allows you to install third party software such as bitorrent client, or newsgroups client. One of my favorite tools for downloading media (once […]

I have been willing to talk about this for quite some time but totally forgot to do so. One of my passion is retro gaming and months ago I discovered Recalbox, a very easy and fast retro gaming solution. Let’s see more ! Fast and easy, you said? Yes, sir! Trust me, I have tried […]

Remember the infamous Shield TV and it’s streaming capacities? I sure do as it still gives me nightmares. However, today I am enjoying (some) of my games from my couch on my TV with a wireless gamepad. Moonlight a free video game streaming experience Nvidia GameStream is a technology that comes with the Shield devices […]

After years of Sabnzbdplus’s reign, a new tool doing for the same purpose was born: NZBGet. In a few words, NZBGet has a lighter footprint on your system. It is coded in C++ whereas Sab is coded in Python. This means that NZBGet will run better on smaller system (such as NAS). Configuring NZBGet can […]