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A few days ago, I talked about Ninite, which is an awesome tool to deploy several Windows apps easily. However, if you want to use it on a Windows domain (likely in your company), you’ll have to get the Pro (and paid version). Hopefully, with BoxStarter, you can do it for free. Let me show […]

Install Windows programs like a boss with Ninite

Do you remember how you used to install programs under Windows several years ago? Next, next, next… Are you still doing it the exact same way today? If that’s so, I may have something of interest for you, keep reading ! Windows’ programs’ installation is so painful I don’t know about you, but I am […]

Do you hate touchscreen? I sure do! More than touchscreen, I hate when I have to write something using a touch screen. This is why, I have been trying and using different solutions that allows me to send text messages from my computer with a real (mechanical) keyboard! Foreword Please note that this guide is […]

Christmas is just over, you bought a fresh new computer and planned to run Windows Easy Transfer in order to move your data to the new computer? Plan again! Wndows Easy Transfer is dead and will not help you! Hopefully if you are here, unlike Microsoft I will help you. The good old Windows Easy […]

Remember the good old times, when you could simply install any program wherever you pleased on your computer and just click an “exe” file to run it? Well, this is time over thanks to Microsoft, and Windows Store Apps suck! Let me introduce you… The Windows Store! Since Windows 8, Microsoft has released the Windows, […]

After years of playing games on a computer, sitting behind a desk with mouse and keyboard, I got bored. I wanted the couch and pad experience of a console, but I wasn’t ready to buy overpriced games and run them on outdated hardware. And the mini pc was born Luckily for me, Mini PCs are […]

The new Windows is here, please follow our latest video in order to install Kodi on Windows 10. Install Kodi on Windows 10 This is pretty easy, as usual follow these few steps: Go to Downloads page; Download the required version; Install it by clicking “Next”; Run and enjoy! Or else… You could also […]

During this short video, I’ll show you #how to install #kodi (formerly know as #xbmc). It is a simple 2 steps process : downloading the software ; installing it. First, fire up your favorite browser and naivgate to, click on the Downloads link and select the Windows version. Wait for download to finish. Then, […]