Changes coming on Kodi-XBMC, related to “piracy box sellers”

Changes coming on Kodi-XBMC, related to “piracy box sellers”

There have been a lof of fuss lately in the Kodi community. I love Kodi and all its add-ons however, I think everyone must fight the piracy box sellers.

Piracy Box Sellers

We will no longer support “builds”

In the past, I rarely talked about builds but I still did. Starting today, I’ll no longer support Kodi builds. Indeed, builds changes too many things at once in your Kodi installation, stuff you (and I) might not even be aware of. I talked about builds, and it was a mistake. Actually, I only talked about 1 (one) build, this post has already been edited!

Piracy box sellers must go down

As explained in another post, I am not official Kodi affiliates / dev / team members or anything the like. However, I am HIGHLY against piracy box sellers. I believe that this is not right and nobody should sell something as “legit’ while it is not. Nobody should try to dupe anyone.

Third party add-ons should live

However, I also believe that third party add-ons should not be killed on sight. Indeed, if they exist it is because they are needed, and this is most probably due to the lack of legal content and too many restrictions currently in place (most especially geo targeted content).

This might be an utopy but I’d really LOVE to official Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc. add-ons coming to Kodi. I would love to write about them, review them, compare them, promote them, and or course pay for them in order to replace any illegal add-ons!

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