Cord cutting Made Easy Using the Kodi Media Center

Cord cutting Made Easy Using the Kodi Media Center

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Are you sick and tired of your rising cable TV costs? If you are like most people, your cable bills can sometimes be too much for you to bear, and yet you still do because you cannot live without watching your favorite TV shows. However, there is one way you can start cord cutting, and you can do it without sacrificing any of your favorite shows. You just need to download and install the Kodi Media Center.
Many people have actually tried cord cutting, and most of them are actually quite happy that they did. Some of them replaced their old cable subscription using a digital TV receiver, while others replaced their trusty TV with their desktop computers. However, you can replace all of these things simply by downloading and installing the Kodi media center software.
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## What is Kodi Media Center?

Formerly known as XBMC, the Kodi media center is your one-stop hub for all of your multimedia needs. Kodi is an open-source (meaning completely-free!) media control center for your computer. What it does is it allows you to access all the different kinds of media from your computer and also from your favorite streaming services.
You may be thinking that it is no different than the generic media player that you already have on your computer, but it is actually much better because its interface allows users to access it via remote control. Seeing as the Kodi was primarily intended for use as a media player for the living room, it is only natural that users can use a remote control as the primary input device.

## What does it do exactly?

Kodi can play any kind of media file you can think of; MP3, AAC, MP4, AVI, OGG, and other media files are not a problem when you use this media software. You can even stream videos or music from any device that you have on your computer screen; this means you can share your vacation videos and photos to your unwilling guests using the 50-inch LED TV in your living room instead of having to pass around your phone.
You can also configure it so you can access your favorite video streaming websites directly from the Kodi interface. This means you no longer have to open up a separate browser if you want to watch video clips from Youtube, or your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix and other streaming services.

## Does it only work on a computer?

The great thing about the Kodi media center is you can install it on any smart device. You can install Kodi on your smartphone or tablet computer so you can easily access your portable media, and if you have a smart TV, you can also install it there so you do not have to open your computer if you want to watch video streams. With the Kodi media center, you can finally say goodbye to your overly-priced cable TV subscription. Start cord cutting now using Kodi and experience the kind of entertainment freedom that you have always dreamed about.

Coming soon, a 2nd part of the cord cutting serie detailing the best cord cutting add-ons.

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