Estuary and Estouchy, the new official Kodi skins

Estuary and Estouchy, the new official Kodi skins

For years, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) was used to have the well know Confluence skin set as default. We all know this skin pretty well and our current website design was also inspired by this skin. announced the black and blue, bubble-ish interface is about to be replaced by new official Kodi skins.

Not one, but two new official Kodi skins

Yup, you read it right, we’ll now get 2 new skins, and they look pretty hot!

  • Estuary : the “most common” version, that will be used on Desktop ;
  • Estouchy : for Tablet and Smartphone, aka any device with a touch screen.

7 years later…

Indeed, the good old Confluence, that was released in 2009 and it is due time to replace it with those two new official Kodi skins. It seems that those skins can display more information in a single screen, probably an added benefit of high resolutions, they also have a different look with a sidebar, that reminds me the Plex interface.

new official kodi skins

They also support all the bell and whistles from web 2.0 era such as widgets, easy customizable color scheme, etc.

A new era of skins is coming

Last but not least, the new skins come with new tools and features for dev so that they can publish newer and hopefully better skins for us.

This announcement was totally unexpected to me and I am really excited to use those new official skins. What about you : have you already tried them ? Do you like them? Or will you stick with the old one?