Fire Stick, the cheap Amazon stick that do wonders

Fire Stick, the cheap Amazon stick that do wonders

I have no idea how this happened, but it looks like it totally forgot to talk about the Amazon Fire Stick. It’s never too late and today I’ll try to right my wrong.

Fire Stick

A cheapo stick

For around $40, you’ll get a Fire Stick from Amazon. This is basically an HDMI stick that you plug directly into one of your TV HDMI’s input. For that price, you’ll get the stick and the remote. Add an extra $10 and you’ll get a voice remote; so that you can speak to your stick to control it. Yup, a bit like Jarvis from Iron Man.

The technical specs are average for this kind of price; and honestly, today specs doesn’t mean much anymore. Indeed, the stick allow you to run specifically designed applications such as TV streaming services like Hulu and Netlflix ; audio service like Spotify, etc. My point being, that we don’t have to care about technical specs because this is a pretty closed (but not too much since we can run Kodi on it) ecosystem, and everything it is designed for will run pretty smoothly.

The Fire Stick is affordable but no cheap!

The Fire Stick only does said amount of stuff but it does it very well and for a very reasonable price. Its main role is to stream media and it happens that Kodi can also stream media. Take the fire stick hardware add the Kodi software : you get a pocket sized computer that can stream almost anything.

Compared to other similar, such as the hated by me Nvidia Shield TV, the stick is far better choice. It is cheaper, does almost the same things, and according to me it does it better!

Cheap, but not weak!

Pimp my stick

As you many know, the Fire Stick is based on Android and Kodi now runs on Android. This means we are just a few steps away from installing Kodi on the Fire Stick. For this part, I’ll point you to a great guide written by the official Kodi community. Just follow their step by step instructions right here !

As usal, if you have any question, do no hesitate to ask them in the comments.

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