Genesis alternatives, what are your choices?

One of my favourite add-ons is no longer supported by its famous developer, Lambda. Let’s find out valuable Genesis alternatives for you Kodi installation.

Genesis is dead?


Yes it is.. and this is sad… However alternatives exist !

As of today, Genesis is dead. Thanks a lot to this author for all the great work he did for us all.

Let’s now focus on a few great alternatives, before something even greater comes out of the dead Genesis.

A few Genesis alternatives

EDIT : March 5th 2016 –> Exodus add-on has been released. It is from lambda, the Genesis creator and it is awesome. He promised us a new add-on and it now there. Check our guide to install the Exodus add-on on Kodi.


Stream All The Sources, will allow you to stream Movies and TV Shows. It aslo includes integration (via an API) so that you can keep track of the watched media and create watch list.


From the author GoMovies, might be the perfect and “official” Genesis replacement.

Also from the same author of Genesis, is a valid alternative to Genesis.


There is also iStream, that will allow you so stream Movies and TV Shows, check my little comparison(VS Genesis) from a few months ago.

Don’t fear, there is a handful of Genesis alternatives. Let’s name a few of them.

Quick install guide

In Kodi, installing an add-on is pretty straightforward, it is a simple process :

  1. Install the SuperRepo add-on (see our step by step guide) ;
  2. Browse to Add-ons > Repositories > SuperRepo > Video Add-ons ;
  3. Find the add-on by its name, and install it.