Install Kodi on your Chromebook with Android

A few days ago, I wrote a new guide in order to show you a new, easier and more reliable method to install Kodi on any Chromebook using crouton. Now, if you are lucky, your Chromebook might be elligible to install the Android Play Store… Let’s see if that’s is the case and if it is, we will see how to install Kodi using the Android Play Store on your Chromebook.

Is my Chromebook elligible to instal Android Play Store?

First, of, check this (official) link. If is says “Stable channel” for you model, then you are all good, go to the next step.

If not, all hope ain’t lost. For example, I own an Asus C200, and official status is set to “Planned”. However, by turning using the “dev” channel, I can now use Android apps on my Chromebook.

In order to make sure if your Chromebook is elligible or not, we will now turn on the dev channel.

Once the update is done, your computer will reboot. If the Android PLay Store is available, then you’ll notice a new icon for the Android Play Store in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Install Android Apps on your Chromebook

So, you have the Play Store icon in the icon bar at the bottom of the screen? Great, click on it, and let the computer make the first set-up. I’ll take a few minutes.

Once the update is over, simply click on Play Store icon one more time, and search for Kodi :


Now, simply install it :


That’s it! You now have the latest Kodi version installed with no pain.