How to install latest OpenSubtitles with Kodi

How to install latest OpenSubtitles with Kodi

Lately, OpenSubtitles changed the way you can enjoy subtitles with your daily media consumption. Let’s find out how to install latest OpenSubtitles with Kodi.

What happened?

While watching a movie or a TV Show in Kodi, you might have noticed an error message on your subtitles. Something like “please login”… Kodi, in its big fat crusade, decided to also take down subtitles add-on. Indeed subtitles, are also copyrighted like MANY other things in this world. For us, it means that the OpenSubtitles add-on is no longer an official add-on must be installed “manually”. So, let’s do it!

NB: If you already have OpenSubtitles installed and see the error message asking you to login, then you have to disable the add-on and install the new one below.

Install latest OpenSubtitles with Kodi

Kodi Settings

  • Then select Add-ons:

Kodi add-ons

  • From here, select “Install from Zip file” and select the file you download from the first step.
  • And voilà, it is installed! Now,let’s configure it.

Configure OpenSubtitles add-on for Kodi

  • Browse back to System > Add-ons and select My Add-ons > Subtitles
  • From here, you should see the newly installed add-on.
  • Right click (or hit C, on your keyboard), while hoovering this add-on and select “Configure”.
  • From here, you just have to enter your credentials for OpenSubtitles’ website. If you don’t have any, just register a free account there.

That’s finally, it! Lay back and enjoy what you can’t find on NetFlix. And if you want Kodi automatic subtitles, yes you can do it as well.

Want extra privacy while using Kodi?

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If you are lost or need additional help, do not hesitate to post a comment and/or visit the official source for this guide.

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