Install Trakt add-on for Kodi

Are you following so many TV Shows that you often lost track of what you’ve already watched? Or maybe you simply want to know when the next episode will be? If you answered yes, at least once, then I check Trakt add-on for Kodi.


Trakt is a great website. It allow you to manage you Movies and TV Show libraries. It has several options, such as creating lists for already watched media, or media to watch, etc. Moreover, they even provide a calendar like view so that you can see at glance when the new episode of your favorite show will be aired.

A great thing with open source software and community, is that there is an app for… add-on for everything!

Install Trakt add-on for Kodi

Trakt is no exception to the rule, there is a add-on for it, even cooler, the add-on is official.Let’s see how to install it.

  • Fire up Kodi and browse to System > Settings > Add-ons:


  • Then browse to Install from repository > Kodi add-on Repository
  • Scroll down to Program Add-ons.
  • Find Trakt, select it and hit Install

Once it is installed you can run it from Programs > Add-ons on the main menu.

Follow the on screen instructions in order to set ip up.

Basically, you only need an account on website, and you have to browse to a special URL from any computer in order to “authorize” your Kodi computer to access your Trakt account.

From now on, you’ll benefit from all the Trakt features / synchronization of watched shows. Even better, some Kodi add-ons, such as Exodus, will also synchronize their data to Trakt so that you can easily search for wanted media and / or synchronize what you watched (yes, again).

Last but not least, in a coming post, we’ll see how to keep all your watched files synchronized between Plex and Kodi, thanks to Trakt.