Kodi keyboard shortcuts : efficiency at your fingertips

Kodi keyboard shortcuts : efficiency at your fingertips

Have no remote and want to master Kodi? Find our most liked Kodi keyboard shortcuts. They will help you achieve almost everything in fraction of seconds!

kodi keyboard shortcuts

A keyboard in Kodi?

Of course, yes! I am big fan of keyboard, especially with Kodi. I always use my Kodi with my Kodi and I think the Logitech K400 is a perfect match for Kodi, I have been using for years, and I think it beats all the smart remote, by far.

Now its time to master the Kodi keyboard shortcuts.

Kodi keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of : “key to press” –> “action it will induce”.

Inside menus

  • c –> Open up additional menu
  • s –> shutdown menu

During playback

  • i –> Show media information, such as run time, end time, etc.
  • o –> Show media data, such as media resolution, audio and video type, etc.
  • PrintScr –> Take screenshot
  • T –> Toggle subtitles on / off
  • Left/Right arrow keys –> short jump backward/forward
  • Down/Up arrow keys –> big jump backward/forward

Those are the main kodi keyboard shortcuts I use on a daily basis, do not hesitate to add a comment if you see some missing shortcut or to check the full list.

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