Kore - the official Kodi remote


A few days ago, I was wrting about my favorite Android remote for###kodi.

Today, I present you Kore – the official Kodi remote. Let’s say it right now. Kore is pretty new, and works well. However, I find that so far it is not as good as Yatse.

Of course, you’ll find everything you can ask for a #remote control app:

  • Control your media center with an easy to use remote;
  • See what’s currently playing, including relevant information about it (movies, TV shows, music, pictures, files and addons);
  • View and manage the current playlist;
  • Change and sync subtitles and audiostreams;
  • View your media library, with details about movies, TV shows, music and addons;
  • Control Kodi’s volume with the hardware keys;
  • Works with Kodi and #xbmc (Frodo and Gotham);
  • Nice and easy to use interface, with multiple themes.

But I still think the UI is not really user friendly, especially when it comes to finding new subtitles; it lacks some polishing.

You can download it here in order to make your own mind, and find support / report bugs here.

I’ll keep playing with it and update this post while I get more used to Kore, so keep checking it!