Lost in Translation

I have been blogging on and off for a while now. Most of the time I did it in English, which is, as you may have guessed, not my mother tongue.

The old King

I did so, because English is the main language for tech, and I blog about tech. This seemed like an obvious choice. However, I am about to change that. Indeed, starting now, I’ll blog (mainly) in French. I want to get back to my “roots”. I feel like I have been losing touch with my mother tongue. Reading a lot in English, writing in English too, speaking Frenglish all day… I no longer know how to write well in French (even though I currently live in France).

A new beginning

So 2022, might not be the year of the Linux desktop, but hopefully it will be the year of my blog being written in French.

By going to the top right corner of the webpage, you can select language. For now, the French website will look empty, whereas the English version will look like an archive of the old content. This looks a bit odd at first, but actually makes senses : an old archived English project and new French one to start !

Small added bonus, it won’t impact SEO for existing content!