masoopy is born!

It’s been a while I’ve seriously worked on this website… New job, very busy “real” life, etc. I miss this project, and I feel I have the time to commit again. This is why I am now relaunching this website : officially!

I also decided to change the name in order to reflect more what I want to talk about. Indeed, I will broaden, once again, my topics and not only talk about streaming. I still do stream, Netflix almost every day, and even Netflix US thanks to a VPN.

However, I will now speak about what I really love and use daily : computers and new technologies. I will share my opinions on nifty hardware (such as Unifi), I will write about Linux, Windows, Macos. I will share tips and knowledge about software I use daily at home or at work.

I still welcome feedback and wish to learn as much new stuff through your comments than I wish to make you learn new stuff with my articles.

I hope you’ll like this new formula, and I hope it’ll bring us a long way… here comes !

PS : I was so excited to bring the new website online, that I have totally burned some steps… everything is still not finished, and the paint is still wet. Please forgive me. 🙂