Nesatmo : beautiful graphs for Netatmo

Netatmo are little, funny, useless devices that monitor “stuff” in your home.

Netatmo weather

On the weather side, you can buy an indoor / outdoor station :

The indoor station is connected to your WiFi connection for the “data” part and to a power line for… power!

The outdoor station, runs on batteries and is wirelessly connected to the indoor (aka, base) station. Batteries should last several months.

Usually, I am not much into proprietary solution but I have to admit that this solution is pretty convenient. In my opinion it is way better (on the hardware / convenience part) than something based on RPI / Arduino.

However, the website looks really bad and the graphs suck, see :


This is why I’ll show you how to get beautiful graphs.

Here comes the open source

Thanks to Docker, the Internet and the help of a friend, I hacked together a pretty cool interface to store and visualize your data. It’s called Nesatmo and runs under Docker / Grafana / Telegraf and InfluxDB.

I’ll assume you already have a Docker / Grafana / InfluxDB setup.

In order to make it work, all you need to do is to pull the following Docker image, like this :

docker pull nesousx/nesatmo

Then create a docker-compose.yml file and edit it according to your config :

You can now create your own Grafana dashboard that could look like this :


If you want to get mine, here it is.

Search and replace the following elements :

  • “nesoweath” by your station’s name ;
  • “indoor” by your indoor’s sensor’s name ;
  • “outdoor” by your outdoor’s sensor’s name.

I hope this quick guide will help you to get started. Do not hesitate to post a comment if you need additional help, you can also check my official Docker page.