Netflix now lets you download files to your external storage

The latest version of Netflix finally allows you to download your media to the external storage of your devices.

Netflix allows you to download files to external storage

Since its latest version, Netflix allows you to download files to external storage. This is a great and long awaited addition! Just head over the Google App store, and download the latest version of the application.

  1. Run the application;
  2. Then go to Settings  > Download location, and select your external storage.

But there is still limitations

At least a big one. All the content has a time limit. This limit will vary depending on content and / or location. In a few words, it means your content will expire!

When Hulu is also planning an offline mode, Netflix reinforces its offer. Now, time will tell how good and usable this feature. Should you download your media the day before you watch them while commuting? Or will you be able to watch the media for a 2 weeks vacations? Time will, tell…