New domain, new look for a fresh start

New domain, new look for a fresh start

Months ago, I talked about Kodi dev wanting to go after people like us, like me. People talking about Kodi third party addons, people selling Kodi boxes for piracy purposes.

A new startA pill a bit hard to swallow

As I said last time, I never sold any pirated content, nor any Kodi box. I don’t plan to do it. Nonetheless, the Kodi team came after me and took down my Facebook fan page. I don’t agree but I respect the decision. I was indeed using their brand name : “kodi” in my domain name, pages, and everywhere else. This was my mistake.

But it is actually good news

Anyway I got tired about Kodi and couldn’t find any more motivation to write on this topic. The decreasing number of posts for the past months can attest this. I was letting the site rot. And I let you, my visitors, down.

Thanks to their decision to take my fanpage down, I realized that I still wanted to write about what I care : technology and streaming technologies. I still want to share my knowledge and my findings with you.

A new start

This is why I decided to totally rename the blog, move to a new domain, change the theme (you might have noticed some hiccups in the last few days, and I apologize for this).

This new blog will speak a lot less about Kodi and lot more about everything else related to streaming (from Spotify to NetFlix), and tech item you can plug to your TV in order to enjoy great content and or games from your couch.

Welcome on our new site, I do hope you’ll love it!

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