NZBGet as a replacement of Sabnzbdplus

NZBGet as a replacement of Sabnzbdplus

After years of Sabnzbdplus’s reign, a new tool doing for the same purpose was born: NZBGet. In a few words, NZBGet has a lighter footprint on your system. It is coded in C++ whereas Sab is coded in Python. This means that NZBGet will run better on smaller system (such as NAS).

NzbGet_DLConfiguring NZBGet can be pretty tricky for the first time, especially if you want to combine it with Couchpotato and Sickbeard and leave to them the post processing / renaming. I’ll write a little guide about this.

Of course, NZBGet (thanks to user made post-processing scripts) can notify your media center #Kodi.

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