Overview of music streaming

Overview of music streaming

It is hard, almost impossible to deny the fact that music streaming is growing every day. You only have to look at the number of services that pop up every day. The kind of cut throat competition the niche faces is enough proof that there is a lot of demand. But what exactly is music streaming? What about its history, its potential future, advantages and flaws?


History of music streaming

It all started with the ‘music on demand’ concept in the 70s. Back then, people used slot machines and music boxes. Record companies then began strategizing ways in which they could sell more music. There was a long gap between the popularity of music and the time when the streaming concept came about – three decades to be precise. The concept became a reality by 1999 and it was possible stream music online. Note that before 1999, the most popular way to listen to music online was via peer to peer sharing networks. By 2000, most peer to peer sharing sites had already started embracing the idea of streaming. Some were in fact kicked off the competition mainly because everyone considered music streaming as more effective and fun than peer to peer music sharing.


There are numerous advantages that come with music streaming as you would expect. There is of course, the fact that you get to enjoy music for free. It should however be noted that not all online services are free. The best ones are actually the ones you pay for. Note too that different services are run by different individuals or companies. That simply means that one service may offer you value for money while another may simply waste your time. You should take time and find the best music streaming service and stick to it. Another key advantage as far as music streaming is concerned is the fact that you may have the option of downloading what you are listening to. This is however, not a service offered by all streaming services. Most paid music streaming services offer the download option. Free ones on the other hand may or may not offer it completely. Either way, you can still be sure of enjoying the latest albums and singles from your favorite artists.

The Downsides

There is just a handful – that should be expected mainly because nothing is perfect. The first downside has everything to do with music quality. Not all music streaming services offer the same kind of music quality. Fortunately, the most popular streaming services often leave users with options on the kind of music they wish to listen to as far as music quality is concerned. But even for such services one has to pay for the best quality available.
Then there is the security concern issue. Some music streaming sites have been accused of sharing passwords and personal information. So before you sign up to any music streaming site online, seek to find out if the site has had security issues in the past.

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