Date Night : What should we watch tonight?

Have you ever struggled finding the perfect movie to watch? Thanks to Date Night, finally the answer to, “What should we watch tonight?”. What should we watch tonight? Date Night helps allows you and your loved one to select each one a movie you like and in return will suggest a result that should suits both of you. Let’s say you want to watch, Jaws and your wife wants to watch Notting Hill (yeah, that’s very cliché) :

Why Nvidia Shield sucks?

Yes, it is true. I think the Nvidia Shield sucks! To be 4K or not to be First of, resolution ! I have plugged the shield on 3 different TV : a 720p one ; a 1080p TV; a 4K TV. On the 720p TV, the Shield can only work at 1080p which means non native resolution and big visible pixels. On the 1080p TV, the Shield will only work a 4K resolution with reduced refresh rate (24Hz)… which sucks cause you can spot the big pixels from your couch and refresh rate make it looks “slow” or laggy.

Kodi beginner's guide

As a great alternative to popcorn time, I am going to share with you a nice Kodi beginner’s guide. How to install Kodi Browse to official Kodi website, and download the version of your liking (ie. Windows or Mac OS). Click here in order to get directly there! Here is a little video to help you : Once Kodi is installed, it is time to set up the “appropriate” addons.

Kodi Genesis tips and tricks

Genesis is a great add-on that let’s you stream movies and TV Shows under Kodi, let me share with you some great Genesis tips and tricks. Disclaimer : streaming movies and TV shows might be illegal in your country, be sure to comply with local laws. Genesis Subtitles Did you know that you could enable automatic subtitles in Genesis? Yup! In order to do so, just navigate to the Video Add-ons > Genesis > Tools, this is the where Genesis is configured, and tweaked.

Kodi SuperRepo, enhance Kodi!

The SuperRepo will enhance Kodi, allowing you to add and keep up-to-date thousands of add-ons. How to install SuperRepo on Kodi Go to Kodi Settings > File manager : Select Add source : Enter the following URL, “” (without quotes) : Once done, it should look like this (notice SRP as name of media source) : Now go to Settings > Add-ons : Then choose Install from zip, browse to the SRP repo you just added until, you see something like below :

Install Kodi on Windows 10

The new Windows is here, please follow our latest video in order to install Kodi on Windows 10. Install Kodi on Windows 10 This is pretty easy, as usual follow these few steps: Go to Downloads page; Download the required version; Install it by clicking “Next”; Run and enjoy! Or else… You could also check our Kodi Beginner’s Guide for more detailed and advanced setup.