Kodi Genesis : stream TV shows and movies

Have you ever wanted to watch latest TV show and movies right from #Kodi? Thanks to Kodi Genesis, you can now do it! Let’s see how to do so. EDIT : January 10th 2016 : Kodi Genesis is dying, you should use alternative see here : https://www.masoopy.com/genesis-alternative-what-are-your-choices/ and here : https://www.masoopy.com/the-beast-kodi/. Add Kodi Genesis repo Navigate to System > File Manager and select Add source, then enter the following URL :

Enable Expert Settings

Quick #tip of the day. How to enable Expert Settings in #XBMC / #Kodi Navigate to System > Settings. From here notice the Basic settings button in the bottom left corner. Navigate to it (yes, you can!) and just press your Return keyboard’s key. You’ll see that the button now reads Expert settings. Job’s done!

Automatically download subtitles

#XBMC / #Kodi has a great feature : it can automatically download #subtitles for you. This is a pretty easy thing to set up. Let’s do it together now. First method to automatically download subtitles The recent builds of Kodi allow you to directly manage this feature natively. This first method is the preferred one. However, it will only work in recent builds of Kodi. By recent, I mean around the name change from XBMC to Kodi.

Yatse, the XBMC / Kodi remote

I personaly use a wireless “keyboard touchpad” as remote for my #Kodi box and I am very happy with it. This is a very basic, but it works, and it works really well. However if you are looking for extra features then I highly recommend trying out Yatse. Mainly, Yatse will allow you to browse your media collection, see fanarts, read movies / episodes summary, launch a media. While playing any item and in addition to classic play/pause/forward/rewind/stop, you can manage subtitles (download, turn on/off, sync), modify audio (source, volume), and much more.

Kodi subtitles out of sync

#Kodi #subtitles out of sync?! Yes it happens! Most of the time it can be fixed thanks to the GUI, but sometimes you want to be able to resync them for more or less than 10 seconds, here is what you need to do. Locate advancedsettings.xml. Based on your OS, it will be in the following locations: Windows: Click Start Menu, then Run and enter the following command :

Turn Kodi subtitles off or on

I have seen this question several time around internet: “How do I turn #kodi #subtitles off or back on?” In case you want to turn kodi subtitles off or on (if they are already off) is a really simple process. Actually, all you have to do is press the “l” key (L, as in “Leo”) while watching a movie in order to enable or disable subtitles. You can also use the Kodi / #XBMC GUI to achieve the same operation, but I feel it be a little less convenient.