Install Windows programs like a boss with Ninite

Do you remember how you used to install programs under Windows several years ago? Next, next, next… Are you still doing it the exact same way today? If that’s so, I may have something of interest for you, keep reading ! Windows' programs' installation is so painful I don’t know about you, but I am quite pissed off with the way “software” works on Windows. Let’s say you want to install VLC to watch movies, then you have to fire up your web browser, go to VLC website (probably via a search engine), find the correct version (32 or 64 bits), download the product, and install it.

Watch Netflix US from anywhere in the world

As you may know, Netflix offers different catalogs of movies and TV shows that are “country based”. It means, that if you are watching Netflix from the US, you’ll only get access to the US catalog. If you are, in the UK, then you’ll only have access to the UK catalog and so on. Since there is quite a lot of differences between those catalogs it can be interesting to have access to all of them.

Using Unifi controller on Docker

Following a post on Reddit, I decided to share my config used to run the Unifi controller. Doing so, you won’t have to purchase a Unifi Cloud Controller. Spoiler alert… I no longer use Unifi hardware, and I’ll share why in a future post. System Overview I have 2 servers : local server at home, which runs the Unifi controller in a Docker swarm setup ; remote server online, which runs the NGiNX reverse proxy.

Automatically download subtitles with Plex

Today, there is hundreds (if not thousands) of TV shows and movies. I enjoy a lot of them, and I enjoy them in their original version. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in every languages. Fortunately enough, we have autmomatic subtitles for Kodi and a similar system of automatic subtitles for Plex. Let’s see how to use it. In plugins, we trust Open your web browser and go to your Plex server, most probably here.

Nesatmo : beautiful graphs for Netatmo

Netatmo are little, funny, useless devices that monitor “stuff” in your home. Netatmo weather On the weather side, you can buy an indoor / outdoor station : The indoor station is connected to your WiFi connection for the “data” part and to a power line for… power! The outdoor station, runs on batteries and is wirelessly connected to the indoor (aka, base) station. Batteries should last several months. Usually, I am not much into proprietary solution but I have to admit that this solution is pretty convenient.

Shield TV 2017, let's take a fresh start

After criticizing like crazy the first Shield TV, I decided to buy the Shield 2017 and give it a try. Only morons never change their minds Let’s say it straight away, I have now adopted the Shield TV 2017! I also have the feeling that Nvidia also decided to slightly change their product. They are now offering 2 “versions” of the box : a multimedia version, sold only with the remote ; a gamer version, sold with an additional controller.