Scan to PDF with command line under GNU/Linux

After years of not-so-good services, I deciced to replace my old Canon MG5550 printer/scanner combo. Instead, I bought a simple black and white laser printer/scanner, and I have never been so happy with a “printer”. More info about the printer Recently, I needed to go through quite some paperwork and I knew it would be a hassle (and pricey) do it with my actual hardware. Moreover, I was never happy with it: it was not reliable under Linux, there was no auto document feeder, etc.

Back to the sources : Kodi on Xbox One

Almost 15 years ago, XBMC was created. Like today, it was a media center allowing you to watch your media, listen to your music and even playing old school games and Xbox games. All of this on place, and all of this on one specific hardware : the first generation Microsoft Xbox. A new era Then the Xbox 360 has been released but Kodi was never part of it. In 2013, the latest and curren gen Xbox, the One was released.

Install Kodi on your Chromebook with Android

A few days ago, I wrote a new guide in order to show you a new, easier and more reliable method to install Kodi on any Chromebook using crouton. Now, if you are lucky, your Chromebook might be elligible to install the Android Play Store… Let’s see if that’s is the case and if it is, we will see how to install Kodi using the Android Play Store on your Chromebook.

Directly Install Kodi on your Chromebook

Thanks to Zach, we now have a great way to install Kodi on our Chromebook. Switch your Chromebook to developper’s mode In order to install Kodi on Chrome OS, we’ll need to install a proper Linux system. Don’t worry, this is done easily thanks to the crouton script. NB : be aware that turning developer’s mode ON, will delete ALL your data on the device! First of all you have to turn on the developer’s mode on your device.

Sending text messages from your computer

Do you hate touchscreen? I sure do! More than touchscreen, I hate when I have to write something using a touch screen. This is why, I have been trying and using different solutions that allows me to send text messages from my computer with a real (mechanical) keyboard! Foreword Please note that this guide is based on Android phones and is desktop “OS” agnostic. If you are using Apple phones and computers, then have a look here.

Accessing the BIOS

In this quick guide, let’s see how to access the BIOS of any system. What is the BIOS? Basically, the BIOS is the place where you can configure how the hardware works (like speed of the FAN), and how you computer boots (such as booting an external USB disk instead of the internal disk). It is pretty common to access the BIOS (or better, the boot menu, which is related to the BIOS) when you can to install a new OS, or reinstall your system.