Playstation 4 : Yet Another Expensive Paperweight

Playstation 4 : Yet Another Expensive Paperweight

Kodi, streaming, video games, this is a place where I want to share my impression about technology. Let me tell you, the PS4 is YAEP : Yet Anotther Expensive Paperweight.

Playstation 4 : Yet Another Expensive Paperweight

Online, my love

The current gen console are totally connected devices. Before their release, a few years ago, people complained about the fact that those console had to be online all the time. Gaming company executives even stood down.

However, the online factor is still there. Let’s say you want to play the PS4 on your couch with a friend of you. You lend me an extra controller and as soon as the controller is powered on, it’ll ask you to select a local account on the PS4. Then, you’ll be bugged to create / use a PSN profile, and so on. I really miss the time, on the PS3, where you could just turn on the controller and play. For Gosh’s sake, it is a gaming console, we want to play it!

And of course, if you want to play online, you’ll have to subscribe to the Playstation Network, which 50€ / year (in case you have forgotten, the PS3 was totally free, while the Xbox 360 was always a paying service).

Let’s do some quick maths : PS3 and X360 (aka old generation) were released around 2006 and X360 just announced they were stopping production. PS3 might do the same pretty soon. The new generation was released 3 years ago. Which means it lasted about 7 years. Now let’s say you will be using the PS4 during 5 years, it will cost you an extra 250€… That’s about the price of the console. One console, for the price of two, nice move here, Sony!

The Playstation 4 : Yet Another Expensive Paperweight

After all those years, and coming from a “FAT PS3”, as they were called, I was expecting a smaller console. Not really. The console, is a thinner, and probably a bit less large, however it is really deep, and all square-ish. However, it is indeed a less heavy than the “fat” version, but almost the same than the newer PS3. Anyways, you are not supposed to carry it around. Let’s speak about another issue.

Games, my precious games!

PC gaming has evolved a lot in the last years. We went from “retail” games to digital “licenses”, it has pros and cons and I will not go into details now. Console gaming on the other side hasn’t evolved that much! We still have retail games and now also have digital. However, digital games cost the same price than retail version, and guess what? You can’t sell them back, and you could even lose them if the developer / editor / or anyone mentioned in EULA you didn’t read decide so. Digital will also uses a good part of your console HDD, and even your internet quota (if you are capped).

You might think it is the same in PC world and that I am all against Sony. You are right, I am all against Sony today, but it is not the same in the PC world. PC gamers have and Steam sales (several times a year) ! A few days ago, when thinking about this article, I noticed that Darksiders 2 : Deathinitive Edition was on sale at Steam at 90%, while it was at the normal price on the PSN. The exact same day, you have the exact same game for 30€ on PSN or 3€ on PC… and it happens regularly.

Today’s example will be the famous Rocket League :

Rocket League PSN

On the PSN at 20€


Rocket League Steam

The Steam version at 12€.

That’s another 40% cheaper… and you don’t even have to pay, in order to play online with Steam! Will talking about Rocket League, be sure to check the new Rocket Hoops mode coming soon.

After trying the PS4 for a week and a half, I made my decision. Back to Amazon. I’ll stick with my PC.

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