Popcorn time is dead... time to switch to Kodi

Dear all,

#Popcorn Time has closed

Sad news, Popcorn Time is dead. Popcorn Time was a great software, however due its P2P nature, it was not safe as I explained a few weeks ago which probably lead to its death. Fear not, there are alternatives, and the best one is right here on this site.

The Popcorn time alternative

The alternative is #Kodi along with a good streaming plugin such as Genesis. Is is really easy to set up and can be done in a few steps that are already covered on this website on the following 2 articles.

  1. Install Kodi
  2. Install Genesis

Just follow through the first and then proceed to the second article and you will be set.

This method will allow you to stream movies and TV Shows exactly like Popcorn Time (minus the interface which will be different) and very important, it’ll be a lot safer.

It’s time to keep up your couch’s potatoes skill.