Popcorn Time is not safe, use Kodi as an alternative


You have probably heard of Popcorn time. It is a great piece of software allowing you to stream Movies and TV Shows. However, #Popcorn Time is not safe, you should use #Kodi as an alternative. Here is why.

Kodi, thanks to some nifty plugins can allow you to stream movies and TV shows, just like Popcorn time. There is however one big difference.

Kodi streams its data directly from “established” websites, this is what we call “direct download” or direct streaming. When you watch a movies, only you, the website owner and your ISP know what you are doing. If streaming such data is illegal in your country, then you want the least people to know what you are doing.

Popcorn time on the other hand, is a P2P system based on torrent’s files. It means the data you are streaming is shared by many people (can be up to several hundreds people, even more technically). In the end, you, your ISP, and everyone “sharing” the file know what you are doing. Among those people, some will be because they want to watch it like, some others just want to help and keep “offering” movies to everyone, and some others might be here only to “spy on you”.

To sum this up, Popcorn Time is not the safe to stream movies, and I’d avoid using it. Also please remember that streaming movies you don’t own the rights for is probably illegal wherever you live.