Pseudo TV - Watch your media mindlessly

One of the major drawback of media center is that must quite “active” when watching something. Let me explain. Most of the time, you’ll ask yourself “What will I watch today?”. This is not a big effort, but yet still an effort. In this article I will show you a great plugin to watch your media mindlessly.

Installing Pseudo TV on #Kodi / #XBMC is really easy. It is a two step process:

  1. Download latest version of Pseudo TV by clicking here, and save it to the computer running Kodi / XBMC;
  2. Run Kodi / XBMC, and navigate to Settings > Add-ons, then select Install from zip and choose the file you downloaded at Step 1.

And voilà ! Now comes a little harder part : configuring. But worry not, I’ll help you how to to do a basic setup.

How to configure Pseudo TV

I will teach you how to create a basic working configuration I am using daily. I watch (and re watch) a lot Simpsons episodes. So I am gonna create Simpsons channel. This will allow me to watch all my Simpsons episodes randomly, one after another with no ads whasoever and for as long as I feel I am bored.

Navigate and enter into Programs sections. Hover Pseudo TV addons, and hit your keybaord key “c”, in order to configure the plugin.


From here choose Open Channel Configuration, scroll down the channel list until you see an empty one.


From here, configure your channel according to your needs, ie: I am using TV Show as Channel Class, then I selected “The Simpsons” as the wanted TV Show.

/images/2015/04/pseudotv_smpson.pngSave, validate and run the program by navigating back to Programs and hitting “Return/Enter” keyboard on the PseudoTV name entry.

That’s it you are done! You can now watch any of your TV show in an endless loop without any interaction from your part. Just like real TV. It is good to be lazy.