Raspberry Pi 2 - Part 2 : different uses

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Raspberry Pi

In the first part, we saw a brief presentation of the #Pi 2 hardware with some pictures. Now, in the sequel, we’ll see what you can do with a #Raspberry Pi 2.


Hardware applications

You could build a Temperature and Humidity Sensor, in order to monitor room temperature or help you grow vegetables thanks to the readings.

If you are the gaming type, you could always build an Arcade Pi.

What about a Pi Drone?

Software applications

Of course the Pi, could also be used to learn how to program.

Thanks to its very small form factor, it makes a great pentest device to carry on site.

Techy people could also use it as a Pi OwnCloud server in order to share files, manage calendar/contacts and much more !

Eventually, you could use your Pi 2 in order to install a media center such as #OpenElec (based on #Kodi).

As you can see, many things can be done with a $35 Pi 2. In a coming article, we will detail this usage, so stay tuned!