Resume video playing with Kodi

Recently, I noticed a weird behaviour where Kodi no longer asks me to resume playing. Let me show you how to force that feature so that it works again.

Get your hands dirty

Unfortunately you will have to go inside the advancedsettings.xml file.

Locate the file in question and open it with a regular text editor (like notepad, not Word). Depending on your system, here is where you’ll find the file:

  • Android –> Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ (see note)
  • iOS –> /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/
  • Linux –> ~/.kodi/userdata/
  • Mac –> /Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/ (see note)
  • LibreELEC –> /OpenELEC /storage/.kodi/userdata/
  • Windows —> Start – type %APPDATA%kodiuserdata – press Enter

NB: if the file doesn’t exists, create it. if it is already there, be careful in the next step when you paste date (ie: do not make duplicate lines).

Once, you found the file, just paste the following into it:



Save the file, restart Kodi, test it…

And.. that’s all folk!