RIP David Bowie, a great artist left the earth

RIP David Bowie, a great artist left the earth

Today’s big news, a great musician died… RIP David Bowie.

Half a century of music

Bowie released its first single in 1964, “Liza Jane” and became famous with Space Oddity in ’69. From there he kept releasing famous albums and songs.

Heroes in 1978 :

The energising “Ziggy Stardust”, “Station to Station” reminding Kraftwerk, “Lodger” an unsung African sounding melody, for the “old bowie”.

More recently, in 2013, surprising everyone he released  a new album “The Next Day”. A well appreciated one. Bowie, 66 years old, was still Bowie a great artist with the very Bowish Tilda Swinton in must watch clip : « The Stars (Are Out Tonight) ».

A few days ago, he even released his very last album “Blackstar”. RIP David Bowie.

Not just a musician

Among others, Bowie was also an actor, and even a video game actor! He used to have 2 characters shaped to his trait in The Nomad Soul video game on the Sega Dreamcast.

RIP David Bowie

A pretty good game with a splendid soundtrack from… David Bowie that became the album “Hours…”.

RIP David Bowie

He was a great artist and inspired many artists such as Roxy Music, Talkin Heads, and even today’s artists like Lady Gaga.

“Lazarus” was his last song, and he will live in our hearts forever.

RIP David Bowie.

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