So many fuss about Kodi third party add-ons

So many fuss about Kodi third party add-ons

Today, I feel like ranting. Please bear in mind that everything I am saying might be totally wrong. It looks that the Official Kodi community is about to go on a war against Kodi third party add-ons. Then once again, if I am wrong about this, then all that follows will be complete bulsh*t.

Edit : February 19th 2016, please see my latest post about the current issue in which I hope I am making my point clearer. However I’ll leave the current post (not the linked one) in place because many arguments still apply and some are bullsht, but you have been warned from the very beginning. 😉*

kodi third party add-ons

What happened?

A lot of people, myself included, love Kodi and want to share with others when they know, what hey they, and what they love about this software. Like always, it’s never all black or white. We can distinguish a few type of people / community :

  • the ones sharing information for free, from their website and or Youtube Channels (they don’t even display ads on their website) ;
  • the ones sharing information but using some ads on their website and / or Youtube Channels to help with hosting fees / pay for the time it takes to run a fan site (I belong to this category) ;
  • the ones developing 3rd party add-ons (aka, add-on that allow you to stream content) ;
  • the ones selling “kodi boxes”, ready to stream content.

To make it short, most of the time, streaming without paying is just not legal! Hence, those add-ons, the kodi boxes using them, and everyone writing tutorial (once again, myself included) could in theory cause harm to Kodi.

What should we do?

However, I believe that we should not blame the community about this. We all want and need a better legal streaming offer : worldwide. Guys like Netflix are offering geo targeted content and it sucks! When they will realize the huge amounts of money can be made from this, maybe they’ll finally change their mind.

Anyhow, in the meantime, what do we have? Well, we have semi legit to not legit at all Kodi third party add-ons.

Kodi third party add-ons

While I will never sell any Kodi boxes and I do not approve people selling this kind of items, I still want to share my knowledge and help people stream their TV shows and movies thanks to Kodi third party add-ons, if they can’t do it legally. Many of the TV Show I watch are not even broadcasted in the country I am currently living, and it really sucks! Netflix or Hulu aren’t a solution either.

Today, I feel like Kodi is barking at the wrong tree. They want to protect their trademark where they should make a bigger community and help make a better legal offer for streaming, maybe try partnerships with legal streaming providers, help make content be available at a worldwide scale. But no, they look like those “idiots”, game companies suing / threatening people making video of their games and using the name of the video game in their Youtube channels. Those people, like our community, cause no harm, at the contrary they share the love and would make more and more people aware of Kodi and the legal streaming poor offer quality.

I think that today, Kodi is facing a choice (such as video game companies few years ago, see link above) : support its community or fight against it. I really hope they choose the first option.

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