SPMC, the Android Kodi alternative

SPMC, the Android Kodi alternative

Quite recently, Kodi has been ported to Android and considering the huge amount of Android devices we use, it is a good news. However, when you want to make an advanced usage of your media center, then it might not be enough. Here comes, its best Kodi alternative for Android devices : SPMC.


Do I need SPMC?

Short answer : probably not.

Long answer now. If you have any issues with you Android device, then you should definitely try it! SPMC adds support for Audio passthrough, it also adds tweaks for dedicated hardware such as infamous Nvidia Shield TV, other Android “boxes” such as the Minix Neo U1 (a review is coming!), Amazon Fire stick, etc.

Of course, you can just install it, for the sake of doing it, and testing this new piece of software. This is what I did, and I have no “ragrets” at all.

Good point is you can install both Kodi and SPMC side by side, hence allowing you to see if one perform better than another.

Ok, let’s install it!

Good news gentlemen! SPMC is an official Android app can be installed, just like usual. Fire up the Play Store, search for the app and install it. In case, you do not have access to the Store, there are several APKs you can just download install from the official developer’s website, right here.

Daily usage

A part from the loading screen, SPMC is Kodi. Exact same menu location and name, Kodi add-ons will run on SPMC like usual… All the work has been done under the hood and only a few advanced settings might have been changed. For daily usage, it won’t change an inch, and I assure you you won’t get lost. And remember it is free software (as in free beer), I am not earning any bucks from writing this. It happens I just discovered the software thanks to a friend and I really like it so far.

What’s about you? Will you join the SPMC users are will you stick with Kodi?

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