Stream Kodi to PS3

Stream Kodi to PS3

Following a conversation on Twitter with @leepollard, let’s find out how we could stream Kodi to PS3. It could be useful, if for example you have a PC running Kodi in some room, and a PS3 hooked to your TV in the lounge and want to watch movies / TV Shows and that big fat TV screen.

Disclaimer : this is a work in progress as I have to borrow a PS3 in order to check if this really works.

Requirements to stream Kodi to PS3

  • 1 PC running Kodi ;
  • 1 TV ;
  • 1 PS3.

To do

stream kodi to ps3

Kodi setup

Configure your PC running Kodi as usual : it means you have to add media to your libraries.

NB : please note that streaming add-ons such as Exodus, won’t work from the PS3!

Now on this PC running Kodi, you have to enable DLNA / UPNP. To do so, navigate to System > Settings > Service, as per image below :

Kodi services

From here, browse to UPNP / DLNA and set it up as shown in the screenshot below :

kodi upnp dlna

Your Kodi setup is done! Let’s check the PS3!

PS3 setup

PS3 has DLNA client integrated inside the Video tab. You should be able to see media shared by DLNA server (which we just set up inside Kodi) and play there from here.

From the PS3’s main menu, browse to Music, Video, or Photo and scroll down until you find the option Search for Media Servers, select it and wait for the search to proceed. (NB: Kodi must be running on some computer of your home network for this to work.

After a few seconds or minutes, the PS3 should list your the Media servers it found (if any). Kodi will be in this list, select it and from here you should be able to browse and stream your media files from Kodi directly to your TV.

However, please note that the PS3 can read as many files (see PS3 allowed files format) as Kodi can. It means that you’ll probably have a lot of “not compatible content”… which really sucks. Yet, it works, and was a fun experiment.

A small note about streaming Kodi to the PS4. I am not 100% sure that the PS4 has the same ability as the PS3 to stream from DLNA servers. According to internet, it was not meant to be before the PS4 was released. However many people complained (and I would have to) about this lack of features, and it looks like it was added at a later date. If and only if it’s the case, the PS4 supports way more files than the PS3 does, which could really be a good combo with Kodi.

Thanks again @leepollard, I’d never have thought about this setup and I enjoyed doing it! 🙂