Streaming on Kodi : iStream vs Genesis

It has been a long time without posting. Today, I am back, and I hope I’ll be able to keep this website updated.

Lately, I have totally changed my way of watching media. For years, I used to get my media from newsgroups and store them and my custom built NAS. Since I discovered streaming plugins, I no longer store media, so that I can focus on backing up my data from my several computers to the NAS.

I found that, in same the same way “there is an app for this”, there is a plugin for each case.

Streaming old TV Shows

By old I mean no longer running TV Shows, or first seasons of a long run TV Show (eg: The Simpsons). When I want to stream this kind of media, I’ll go with genesis. It is fast, has many feeds, and good working search funtion that, most of the time, directly find what I am looking for. Whereas, #istream will return many, many results, and the right one is often lost in the middle of non relevant answers.

Streaming running TV Shows

When you are downloading media with soft like sabnzbd, or nzbget, you get notified in #kodi / #xbmc when a new file has been added. Everything is automated, and it is great (to be lazy). Now, with the streaming, you no longer have the notification when a new show is available for streaming, unless you subscribe to different services in order to “track” shows.

However, thanks to iStream and the subscription function (I’ll add an article about this later on) you can now keep track of all the new TV shows as soon as they become available. Definately a must have!

Streaming Movies

On the movie side, I hate screeners, and I don’t keep myself updated about latest and/or popular movies. I rearely watch movies, and I decide to do so, I just want to watch some cover and select one from the cover and/or title.

For this kind if watching, I am using iStream as well. It has a great function, that allows me to find movies based of Box Office by years. This means, that I’ll never select the “latest” or current year movies in order to avoid ugly screeners.

This way, I have good quality movies and at the same time “popular” movies. Perfect for me!

I hope, it will help you slack in front of “TV”.