Synchronize your media with Kodi Trakt plugin is website dedicated to movies and TV Shows. It allows you to manage all your media needs: keeping track of what you have already watched and what you to plan to watch. Thanks to this guide, we will see how you can automatically synchronize everything you watch with Kodi Trakt plugin.

Install Kodi Trakt plugin

From Kodi home screen, browse to the search button (top left hand side corner):


Then hit “Search add-ons”:


Look for “”:


Now select the plugin according to the the screenshot below:

/images/2017/08/kodi_search_result.pngInstall it, and wait for confirmation in the top right hand side corner:


That’s it! The Kodi Trakt plugin should now invite you to configure the plugin and give you a weird code. Just hang there for now, and read the second part of this guide.

Configuration phase

First of all, you need an account on Trakt. This is totally free, so feel free to head there and register!

Now, back to installation where we left it. We are provided with an URL: and a code. It looks like this:


Open a browser on any computer / phone, login to your Trakt account and enter the code provided in the picture.

NB : in case you are never prompted with the plugin configuration, just head over your plugin directory from inside Kodi. Then select the Kodi Trakt plugin and hit “C” key on your keyboard and select configure.

Thanks to for this plugin, and their full installation guide.

In a future article, we’ll see how to use Trakt plugin with Plex media center. Finally, in a third guide, we’ll combine the first two articles in order to keep all your watched media synchronized between Kodi and Plex. Stay tuned!