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One of my favourite add-ons is no longer supported by its famous developer, Lambda. Let’s find out valuable Genesis alternatives for you Kodi installation. Genesis is dead? Yes it is.. and this is sad… However alternatives exist ! As of today, Genesis is dead. Thanks a lot to this author for all the great work […]

As a great alternative to popcorn time, I am going to share with you a nice Kodi beginner’s guide. How to install Kodi Browse to official Kodi website, and download the version of your liking (ie. Windows or Mac OS). Click here in order to get directly there! Here is a little video to help […]

Genesis is a great add-on that let’s you stream movies and TV Shows under Kodi, let me share with you some great Genesis tips and tricks. Disclaimer : streaming movies and TV shows might be illegal in your country, be sure to comply with local laws. Genesis Subtitles Did you know that you could enable […]

It has been a long time without posting. Today, I am back, and I hope I’ll be able to keep this website updated. Lately, I have totally changed my way of watching media. For years, I used to get my media from newsgroups and store them and my custom built NAS. Since I discovered streaming […]