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Another add-on for streaming and help you cut the cord, the name is Veetle! However, this one is a little different from other add-ons, since it is more working like a good old regular TV. Indeed, with Veetle, you can’t search for stream, biut you only have access to “what’s live”. Install Kodi Veetle add-on […]

Much has happened since XBMC rebranded to Kodi. Streaming add-ons that worked while Kodi was still known as XBMC, no longer work. Some do, but they often develop glitches from time to time. The best streaming add-ons for early 2016 Your best bet is to therefore to find Kodi Media Centre streaming plug-ins that work without […]

It is hard, almost impossible to deny the fact that music streaming is growing every day. You only have to look at the number of services that pop up every day. The kind of cut throat competition the niche faces is enough proof that there is a lot of demand. But what exactly is music […]

One of my favourite add-ons is no longer supported by its famous developer, Lambda. Let’s find out valuable Genesis alternatives for you Kodi installation. Genesis is dead? Yes it is.. and this is sad… However alternatives exist ! As of today, Genesis is dead. Thanks a lot to this author for all the great work […]

As a great alternative to popcorn time, I am going to share with you a nice Kodi beginner’s guide. How to install Kodi Browse to official Kodi website, and download the version of your liking (ie. Windows or Mac OS). Click here in order to get directly there! Here is a little video to help […]

Have you ever wanted to watch latest TV show and movies right from #Kodi? Thanks to Kodi Genesis, you can now do it! Let’s see how to do so. EDIT : January 10th 2016 : Kodi Genesis is dying, you should use alternative see here : https://www.masoopy.com/genesis-alternative-what-are-your-choices/ and here : https://www.masoopy.com/the-beast-kodi/. Add Kodi Genesis repo […]