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As you may know, Netflix offers different catalogs of movies and TV shows that are “country based”. It means, that if you are watching Netflix from the US, you’ll only get access to the US catalog. If you are, in the UK, then you’ll only have access to the UK catalog and so on. Since […]

You might want to use a VPN, be it for privacy issue, or because you want to “change” your location, while travelling, or even because you live abroad and want to access local media from your birth place… There is many reasons to use a VPN but you shouldn’t use any VPN, you should use […]

EDIT: A few months after, it turns out I was wrong. Yes Netflix is now blocking VPN… A full blog some will come soon. However,if you want still want to use a VPN, you mighj want to have a look at IPVanish IPVanish for a good all-purpose tool. However, even it if might work in […]