Kodi : Top 4 streaming add-ons

Kodi : Top 4 streaming add-ons

Much has happened since XBMC rebranded to Kodi. Streaming add-ons that worked while Kodi was still known as XBMC, no longer work. Some do, but they often develop glitches from time to time.

kodi streaming add-ons

The best streaming add-ons for early 2016

Your best bet is to therefore to find Kodi Media Centre streaming plug-ins that work without geographical restrictions. That way, you can have the peace of mind that you will be entertained wherever you are whenever you want. Keep in mind that the streaming plugins you are about to read about are not limited to streaming music only. They can come in handy for anyone who also wishes to stream TV shows, music and just about any motion picture to one’s Kodi media center.

Add-on Installer

It is not easy to come across a streaming plugin that presents music, video and program add-ons in a simple, ‘browseable’ interface. Add-on Installer is however, an exception. It gets better with the fact that Add on installer is always ‘on the lookout’ for relevant add-ons that can improve your streaming experience. All you need to do is navigate and click on the options that the Add-on installer gives you. In a nutshell, Add-on Installer is designed to help you install all the relevant repositories for purposes of automatically updating all add-ons needed for one to stream.


Trust any add-on associated with Phoenix. This particular add-on for instance was designed as a replacement for the MashUp add-on which was widely popular and effective. Phoenix then came into the limelight and stole the show. It is by far more effective than MashUp and as you would expect, easy to use. With Phoenix, it is easy to access a huge database of a wide range of mediansources which include sports, TV shows, and just about anything else one can think of. Some of Phoenix’s notable features include the search slot, live TV, no ads and show tracker. Like most reviews have noted in the recent past, Phoenix is at the moment Kodi Media Center’s most sought after add-on.


Stream All The Sources is pretty similar to the dead Genesis. It allows you to search and stream for Movies and TV Shows in a very convenient way. It’ll scrape data around the famous streaming websites and offer you several links and several stream quality. You can also integrate you favourite TV Shows and Movies directly inside Kodi libraries. Last but not least, you can link your trakt.tv to the add-on so that you can manage your libraries directly from Trakt’s website!


Imagine an add-on that makes it easy for you to download movies straight onto your Kodi machine by using direct download links. That is exactly what this add-on does. With more than 70,000 films on Icefilms website, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t have this add-on. It also includes download and streaming options for stand up comedies and music concerts.

And you, which streaming add-ons do you use? Please let us know.