What are good Kodi alternatives?

We, at Streaming Generation, love Kodi and talk a lot about it. However, there are good Kodi alternatives out there. Let us guide you through three of our favourites options.


Plex works differently than Kodi. It is composed of two parts. One server and one client.

Basically, it means you’ll install the Plex Server on the computer (or even better, on the NAS) where you media files are located.

Then, you can install has many clients as you need: on your phone, on your TV, on any (really, any: Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD, etc.) computer, etc.

Those clients, will then be able to access your media thanks to a previoulsy created account that links the server and the clients. What’s cool with this system is that you can easily share your media with friends, and so can they!

What do we think about it?

It is a very good Kodi alternative! It works well, has a great community, and a lot of plugins (similarly to Kodi). Installation is pretty straightforward and use very easy. If you want a robust do-it-all media center but hate Kodi, definately give Plex a try!


Next in the list, Mediaportal. That one is a bit different, and a it more limited to our test. Indeed, and it is its biggest drawback: it only works under Windows! This might not a be problem for many people, but for us it is disappointing.

Apart from that, you’ll find every feature you can ask from a media center: watch your media, listen to your music, stream media to your smartphone / tablet or other devices, etc.

Tons of plugins and skins are also available and a dedicated community.

What do we think about it?

If you have never heard about Linux or Macos and are a hardcore Windows user, then you should really try it! It works well, it ain’t shy of any feature compared to other Kodi alternatives and works like any regular Windows software.


Last but not least, Emby. This is one is closer to Plex. It is also composed of a server and a separated client. It has an account system as well, giving you extra features if you pay, but still offering everything you really need for free.

Compared to other solutions, Emby may have less add-ons available, but more ready-to-use features… which can make the GUI a feel overwhelming at first (whre Plex’s one is very clean and “slick”).

What do we think about it?

We feel that Emby lags a bit behind the rest of the crowd. The GUI looks good but feels less intuitive. However, it is still a strong Kodi alternatives. If you never tried it and were disappointed with the rest, just try it!

Kodi alternatives: what you think?

What’s about you? What are you currently using? Please let us know!