What are Kodi repositories?

What are Kodi repositories?

In Kodi, there are add-ons and repositories. Most often (and this is the preferred method); add-ons are installed through repositories or “repo”. Fusion and SuperRepo are two of the main / most trusted Kodi repositories.

A little background

In order to explain Kodi repositories, let’s give a little background first. Kodi is a great piece of software with a lot of core features such playing music, videos, watching photos, checking the weather and much more. But that’s not all. Kodi allows its users to create, share and use third party add-ons. Those add-on can do almost anything : from managing a download queue, to transforming Kodi into a Karaoke system or even the very controverted streaming capabilities.

kodi repositories

How do Kodi repositories work ?

In order to install add-on, there is two methods:

Zip install

  • One can either simply download the add-on in the form of a zip file and install into “manually” into Kodi.

Repository install

  • One can also use a repository.

Kodi repositories are places where several add-ons are regrouped. This means that one repo can holds hundreds of add-ons. You only install the repo one time and then you can browse all the available add-ons and directly install them.

Why use them?

This make it a very fast and convenient way to install and test new add-ons, and for multiple reasons :

  • Add-ons from the repositories will be updated by the repo owner which means you’ll benefit from “auto updates” when a new version is released. This makes it safer for you;
  • Once the repo is installed, you just browse a huge list of add-ons and install any of them in just a few clicks;
  • Add-ons are organized by categories which make it really easy to discover a new add-on.

For all those reasons, you should really use repositories as much as possible. Though, you shouldn’t use any repo. Since they are very powerful, I highly advise you to only use “trusted” Kodi repositories. There is however no “official” Kodi repo (other than the default one), so by trusted I mean highly used repo and trusted by the community, two main examples that comes directly to my mind are :

Let me know if you already use repos if so, which one do you use / trust?