When morons steal IStream's code


Today, while setting up my Twitter account, I learned about a new #kodi Add-on called istream from Xunitytalk. I will probably write about soon, when I have played with it long enough.

However what I also learned today was far more troublesome. Some people, stole the great work from #IStream in order to make a new plugin from it. I don’t want to give them any credit, but I feel obliged to name them : AAA Stream.

if you are using it, just know they stole the original source code and are potentially making money out of someone else’s work. Do what you feel right , ie: uninstall their plugin, talk about it, do nothing, etc.

As you can see I felt right to share the word , and I really hope noone will use “their” add-on.

This is my really small contribution and I hope it will help.

For more information, you can find iStream official’s dev Twitter here :