How to watch the Dakar 2016

How to watch the Dakar 2016

The Dakar rally is back in its 2016 edition and once again it is no longer running in Africa but in South America. Let’s find out where to watch the Dakar 2016, and how to do it in Kodi.

Dakar 2016

Watch the Dakar 2016 online

There are of course the official TV broadcasters as shown below :

watch Dakar 2016The full URL for everything channel can be found on the official Dakar 2016 website.

As you can notice, many TV channels will broadcast this event, and streaming it legally is just as easy as going on their channel’s website and watching the video from there.

Now, there is also a less official way to watch the event thanks to many website broadcasting the event:

Please also note that many bookies will allow you to watch the Dakar 2016 legally and directly on their website as long as you have an account with them.

NB : please note that this list will be updated when the event starts, until then (and even during the events), some links might work some others might not.

Watch the Dakar 2016 in Kodi

In case you want to watch the Dakar 2016 inside your preferred media center, keep reading. Like we did for the Rugby World Cup, we could install in Kodi a bunch of add-ons specialized in Sports / Live Events streaming.

You can find a list of those add-ons along with instructions in order to set them up right there.

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